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Who We Are?

Ndolop is an illustration studio based in Indonesia. We strongly believe that the new way of cooperation is not by outsourcing but by providing an alternative solution. We could help our clients cut all the hassle of managing big art teams and achieve quality works done consistently in a short time so they can focus on more pressing tasks such as game design, story development, and marketing.

Our Service

We create 2D illustrations for various industries including mobile games, brand identity, etc. We also make promotional banners and game sprite animations.

What Client Say

“Awesome experience and great artist. Will certainly use him again! Thank you for the great work.”

Joe Bussey

Our Product

We create high-quality graphic items for various purposes. Our signature products are graphic generators. A combination of various graphic elements that create an awesome single graphic. We use Photoshop actions and scripts, so it is very easy to use. Try it by yourself.